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pierced theatre
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there is a lot of rather bad theatre in the world being performed by respectably talented people. the playwrights are fine, the directors competent but the theatre still falls flat. there is an inability to reach the audience or to findd the humanity in the characters. tricks are confused with technique, affectation with acting, movement with motivation.

this is a site to discuss all aspects of theatre. you must be a member to post. you may publicise your production or workshops here. you may review other productions and workshops. you may not slander. if you think something is poorly done, then speak up and say so but never say, "i didn't like it," because no one cares. but tell us why you didn't like it. the same thing goes if you did like something. we want you to have an opinion but be prepared to back it up. please do not print your unpublished work here as copyright is a trickey thing. please do not submit anything not dealing with theatre (though in thread conversations are welcomed and encouraged).

this site is maintained by Eusebio Machado, a freelance director writer currently residing in the UK.